Our objectifs

Objectives of this association are: first to promote the development of teaching, the culture, the economy and social in the area of Essaouira and other underprivileged areas of Morocco ; and second to encourage the Europe-Africa exchanges by a mutual enrichment and a sharing of cultures.

To reach its general objective, the association decide to take actions in the following fields:

- Fight against the illiteracy by the development of teaching and by the improvement of the extra-curricular environment : to improve the meals in the school canteens, to perfect training of the teachers and various gifts of supplies and clothing.

- Cultural exchanges in various fields by the organizations of sponsorships, meetings, colloquiums, travels, carnivals and festivals.

- To develop the craft industry and agriculture in the respect of the environment and the framework of an equitable trade or equivalent.

- To take other actions entering within the general framework envisaged.